Frequently asked questions


Can I book a villa for the weekend?

Yes you can or even an extended weekend. On weekends, the resort is available to the customer from Friday 4 pm to Sunday 12 am. If requested separately a special agreement to a later handover date can be agreed. For a weekend reservation, you can also easily book additional days according to your needs!


Can I make a reservation with the company name?

Yes you can. If you make a reservation online, please add all your contact information for yourself and the company. If you want we can send the invoice to the company by e-mail. Even then, please provide the guest information for the reservation. We have 0% VAT rate for companies.


What is the easiest way to book a holiday home?

Use the reservation service Nettimökki or Go-Finland, or you can also access the reservation calendar through the villa rental’s own website. After that, make a preliminary reservation in the calendar and we will confirm it later. After this, we will send the booking fee for longer bookings, and for shorter bookings, e.g. a weekend, we will send the full invoice before the start of the rental. We will send you the rental conditions and instructions by email.


What happens when I have booked a cottage? Where can I get the key to the cottage?

In reservations, you pay either the reservation fee or the full amount immediately, after which you will receive driving directions and key collection information, as well as the necessary guardian/owner information by email. The guardian/owner of GURU must be notified of the arrival time in advance. The best way to contact the guardian/owner is by email or by calling.


How do I pay?

We always send the invoice by email.


Exchange day and handover of the cottage in weekly bookings

Exchange day and handover of the cottage in weekly bookings

The exchange day is usually Sunday and the shortest Booking time is a day. For weekly bookings, the cottage is most often available from the day of arrival at 4 pm to the day of departure at 12 noon.


Do I have to inform of my arrival time to the villa and when?

The caretaker/owner of the cottage must be notified of the arrival time in advance, no later than 2-3 days before arrival, unless other instructions have been given in the site-specific instructions. The best way to contact the guardian/owner is by email or phone.


What if someone or I close to me get sick and I have to cancel or interrupt my reservation because of that? Will I be compensated for anything?

If the cancellation comes without a separate medical certificate, etc., the reservation fee remains. See the property’s rental conditions. If there is a serious illness, for example, we will return the entire amount.


What if there is another obstacle and I have to cancel the reservation?

You will get back the amount you paid, excluding the booking fee.

See the property’s rental conditions.


Can I rent sheets or towels?

You can rent bed linen either in advance or with your villa reservation. The price is the same in both cases, approx. €15 per person. The price is mentioned in the description. So make sure in advance if you intend to rent them.


Can more people go to the villa than what is written in the description of the villa?

No there can not be more people. The villa can be used by a maximum number of people, which is stated as the number of beds in the property description or which was agreed upon when booking the villa. Small children staying without their own bed are also included in the number of persons. This is because the villa is calculated only for that load with expenses and for safety reasons.


Can I go to the villa with a caravan? Can I pitch a tent?

Only with the owner’s permission.


Can I bring a pet to the villa?

No you can not. Banning pets can be due to many things: allergies, dogs in the area, neighbors, etc. The ban is absolute.


Does the villa have a grill?

There is a gas grill. Don’t forget to let us know if you’re running low on gas. There is always a spare gas bottle at the destination in case you run out of gas.


Is tap water always drinkable?

A household water study has been conducted on the water and the water is drinkable.


Is the sauna wood-heated?

The sauna is wood-heated.


What time can I go to the villa?

You can get to the villa at 4 p.m. at the earliest (unless a different time is mentioned in the booking confirmation or the destination description).


What do I do when my vacation ends, do I clean the villa myself?

You can enjoy your vacation to the fullest without having to do final cleaning on the day of departure. The price is €160. The price is mentioned in the description. You can order final cleaning in advance.

If you order final cleaning or it is included in the price, please note that the following actions should still be performed: the dishes are washed and put away, the garbage is taken to the waste point and the bottles/drink cans are collected in a pile, e.g. in a plastic bag. The furniture is put back in its original place and if you have ordered bed linen, we leave it in a pile on the bed. Take the food you brought with you away or in the trash.

However, if you want to perform the final cleaning yourself, please remember that it includes, in addition to the above-mentioned actions, e.g. the following things: the carpets are taken outside and tamped, the floors are vacuumed and wiped with a damp mop, the tables and counters are wiped with a damp cloth, the bedding is aired outside, the dishes are washed and put away, the sauna and toilet are washed and the garbage is taken to the waste collection point. Cleaning must be done in its entirety only on the day of departure.


How long can I stay in the villa on the day of departure?

Generally until 12 o’clock. Then, at the latest, you must hand over the keys to the cottage to the owner or guardian. There may be object-specific exceptions and these are indicated in the object description. The handover time of the cottage is always mentioned on the driving instructions page of the invoice or on the payment confirmation.


What if there are problems at the villa, whom do I contact?

You can contact us either using the contact form or call to number 045-1296710

In the event of an accident, contact the owners immediately.

Did you have more questions? Feel free to ask – we’ll be happy to answer!